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As a professional advisor, you may have clients that are interested in charitable giving. The Troy Foundation is committed to assisting you and your clients to achieve their philanthropic goals. You may find that many of your clients are already donating to the organizations and causes that they care about, both here in our community, as well as nationally. Partnering with The Troy Foundation can make it easier for your clients to achieve their charitable goals, while helping them to receive the maximum tax benefits.

Here are just a few ways that The Troy Foundation can help:
  • We are experts about our community. We can help your client connect with the charities that best meet their charitable goals.
  • We offer the opportunity to recommend charitable giving to your clients without recommending a specific charity. By working with The Troy Foundation, your clients can support a wide range of charities, both locally and nationally.
  • We help to keep generations involved in the charitable giving process. With a donor advised fund, families can engage their next generations in charitable giving.
  • We help your clients who may donate a variety of assets, which may include cash, appreciated securities or real estate.
  • You can help make a difference in the lives of your clients. Your clients will be able to leave a legacy in the community and teach their children about the importance of philanthropy.
  • As a public charity, we offer maximum federal and state tax benefits to your clients. Starting a fund at a community foundation is significantly less expensive and much easier than establishing a private foundation.
If you would like more information on the charitable giving options available through the Foundation, please contact Melissa A. Kleptz, Executive Director at 937-339-8935.


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